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Bring your classroom alive with featherdale wildlife park!

During their wildlife excursion, your students can explore the park with their supervisors, watch our keeper presentations and animal feeds, and even book a private lesson to add a special touch to the day. Education lessons run for 45 minutes in our “Learning Burrow” outdoor amphitheatre, and are designed according to current primary and high school curriculums. 

Our education officer will introduce the students to 4 of our fantastic animals, and teach them about their lifestyle, diet, habitat, defence mechanisms, predators and much more. The students are then offered the opportunity to pat each animal. Whether your students are studying: 

  • Living Things 

  • Wet and Dry Environments 

  • Australian Animals

  • Needs, Shelters

  • Life Cycles

  • Our Australia

  • Classification and Adaptation

Our education team will tailor a lesson that’s right for your excursion!


Rates valid to 30th June 2018.

Excursions with a 45 min lesson:

(minimum of 15 students)

3-17 years $15.50 each

18 years+ $21.90 each

Self-guided group 

Less than 15 students:

3-17 years $15.50 each

18 years+ $21.90 each

More than 15 students:

3-17 years $13.30 each

18 years+ $19.80 each

Teachers are admitted free of charge.

Parent/student ratio: 1:10 free of charge

Additional adults $21.90 each

2018 international school rates: Upon request, enquire here

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Love the idea of a wild encounter for your students but can’t come to us? Then let us come to you! Featherdale's Wildlife Wanderer education program travels up to 45km from Featherdale, with 4 animals brought to your school, library or facility. The program runs for 45 minutes, and just like our in-park lessons, can be tailored to meet your requirements.


Wildlife Wanderer prices valid to 30th June 2018.

1-50 students $400.00

51+ students $9.00 each

risk assessments

Download our risk assessment for school excursions and incursions here

Risk assessment


Check out our range of Activity Sheets, available for you to download and print!

Standard Worksheets

Stage One - Early

State One

Stage Two

Stage Three

ESL (English as Second Language)

ESL - Beginner

ESL - Intermediate

ESL - Advanced


Looking for a School Holidays experience that is a great day out with the kids? Bring them along to Featherdale Wildlife Park for a hands-on animal experience they’ll never forget! 

There are shady picnic areas are available and a Cafe that provides a great range of fresh hot and cold food options.

You can book for Vacation Care /OOSH a 45 minute presentation where the kids learn about Australia's wonderful wildlife and get the opportunity to touch and feel.

Bookings are essential so please contact our team on (02) 9622 1644 or email us to book your group today.

RATES 2018

Rates valid to 30th June 2018.

Teachers enter free of charge.

Entry with Lesson:

(Group 15+ paying guests)

$15.50 per child (3 - 15 years)

Entry with Lesson:

(Group less than 15 paying guests)

$235 per lesson (3 - 15 years)

Self-guided visit:

(Group 15+ paying guests)

$13.30 per child (3 - 15 years)

Self-guided visit:

(less than 15 paying guests)

$15.50 per child (3 - 15 years)


Are your students studying English? Our education lessons are perfect for international students as well. Using worksheets, question and answer methods or conversation, your students can practice their English skills whilst learning about our unique fauna.