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Featherdale Koala Plantation Fund

Featherdale Koala Plantation Fund


With over 45 years’ experience caring for animals, Featherdale Wildlife Park proudly maintains the world’s largest collection of Australian fauna, and New South Wales’ most extensive collection of koalas. With over 50 koalas in residence, each consuming over 10% of its body weight, or approximately 1kg of eucalyptus leaves a day – that’s almost 20 tonnes of leaves a year!

Featherdale Wildlife Park is fortunate to house each sub-species of koala, and our team of koala keepers meticulously map the species of eucalyptus required for each koala’s diet. Now to ensure we have the right leaves for the right koala, we have developed relationships with a number of properties in New South Wales to host eucalyptus plantations that Featherdale can use to better manage the eucalyptus species available to all our koalas.

Koalas are fussy eaters, choosing most of their food from a few varieties of eucalypt. Koalas from the Sydney region tend to prefer red gums and mahoganies, and koalas from northern areas favour tallowwood and forest red gum. Southern koalas enjoy manna gum, and Western NSW koalas
prefer river red gum and ribbon gum.

Featherdale has recently established a Koala Plantation Fund to support this important work of planting eucalyptus to support its in-park koala community, and to date has planted over 5000 trees for each resident koala here at a property in Lithgow, NSW, enabling our animal care team to provide a specific diet for each koala, to emulate the feeding patterns of koalas in the wild.


We are excited to announce that Digital Print Industries (DPI), our photography partner has donated $23,939 towards the Koala Plantation Fund, from a portion of the proceeds of their Personal Koala Encounter photo packages offered at Featherdale Wildlife Park. In addition, Blacktown City Council has donated $7,500 from the proceeds of their recent ‘Wake Up With Wildlife’ Event held on 26 January 2018 (Australia Day).


Donations to the Koala Plantation Fund such as these recent donations by Digital Print Industries and Blacktown City Council are much appreciated as they help us to achieve our goal of a sustainable food source for our vital colony of koalas at Featherdale Wildlife Park.