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Have you met our Tiger Quolls?

Have you met our Tiger Quolls?

21st March 2017

Did you know that Featherdale provides a home for a collection of NINE Tiger Quolls?

Well noted as the largest remaining carnivorous marsupial in mainland Australia, these incredible mammals are often found in forest habitats ranging from rainforests to open woodland.

Generally, Tiger Quolls build a home inside rock crevices, hollow trees and logs - a perfect cosy spot to raise their pups each year. Much to the surprise of many, a newborn Tiger Quoll pup, is the size of a single grain of rice and they grow to approximate

The Tiger Quoll's follow a balanced diet, which consists of small mammals, such as possums, birds, insects and lizards, as well as seeds and fruits!

You can see Tiger Quolls with your own eyes here at Featherdale Wildlife Park. A patient eye is needed, as they're nocturnal and often shy, during daylight hours.

If you can't make it to the park, check out this awesome VIDEO taken by Director of Life Sciences, Chad Staples in late 2016, demonstrating the protectiveness of a mother Quoll during Chad's routine "joey check-up'! Check out more of Zookeeper Chad's behind-the-scenes goodness on Facebook and Instagram!

Our ferocious mother Quoll, Christina even made the Daily Mail, impressing the online world with her defensive instincts (and adorable pups!)

Unfortunately, Tiger Quolls are classified as threatened or endangered depending on their region in Australia. Featherdale is proud to provide a fertile breeding ground for this magnificent and mysterious species and will continue to assist in the conservation efforts other Australian Zoos and organisations.