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Koala joeys celebrate 1st birthday

Koala joeys celebrate 1st birthday

27th April, 2015

It was time to celebrate, when two of Featherdale's youngest Koala joeys, enjoyed their first birthday last week.  Chester and Caesar were born just one day apart and whilst the two aren't related, keepers claim they act like brothers and best mates.  Keepers spoilt the playful pair with a party and plenty of cuddles and treats.

At just 10.5 months of age, the two boys were separated from their mums and transferred to the Koala Kindergarten enclosure to join 3 other young Koalas in Featherdale's Koala Sanctuary. 

Visitors can meet Chester and Caesar in Featherdale's Koala Sanctuary where they spend their days hanging out with newcomer Poppy and little friends, Archer & Aria.  

Featherdale is open 9am to 5pm everyday.

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