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Mother's Day at Featherdale

Mother's Day at Featherdale

24th April, 2015

While most of us spend Mother’s Day spoiling our Mums, a handful of furry Mothers at Featherdale Wildlife Park are spending the occasion nurturing their tiny newborn babies in their pouches.

Several Koalas have recently birthed their jelly bean-size young, which will spend the next few months developing in the warmth and safety of the pouch, before popping their heads out in the spring time.

Likewise, the Wallabies and Kangaroos have been busy attending to their pouch-bound offspring and visitors to the Park can try their luck catching a glimpse of the joeys as they start to become more visible.

A Mother’s work is not necessarily easy at Featherdale with different species giving birth under sometimes challenging circumstances.

The Ghost Bats and Grey Headed Flying Fox have to give birth to their babies while hanging upside down. They fold their babies up in their wings to ensure they don’t drop them for the first day or so until the baby is strong enough to hold on tightly by itself.

And reptile mothers barely get a chance to see their babies once they’ve delivered. They can give birth to up to 30 eggs or live babies, which are all ready to go out into the big wide world the minute they are born.

Visitors to Featherdale can also wish two of the baby koalas, Caesar and Chester, a happy birthday - the pair have just celebrated their first birthday with a delicious feast of their favourite meal - eucalyptus leaves.

All Mums who visit Featherdale Wildlife Park this Mother’s Day, Sunday May 10, will be treated to a special gift pack.