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Koalas are counting on us.

Koalas are counting on us.

31st October, 2014

As everyone may know that we love Koala's at Featherdale. While it's fulfilling many visitors’ dreams to see Koala's when they visit us, however many people aren't aware that to see a Koala in the wild is sadly reducing.

However, you can help and participate in the Great Koala Count. The Great Koala Count is happening from 7th to the 17th November.  It’s as simple as downloading an app, going for a bushwalk & having a look around.

To learn more about how you can take part and also how important this research is, you can meet some of the key people behind the initiative on Sunday 2nd November at the Faulconbridge Hall in Faulconbridge, Blue Mountains.

Dr Grainne Cleary is part of the team who’ve developed BioTag, an app for SmartPhones to record the GPS location & details about any koalas spotted. After registering at www.koalacount.org.au & downloading BioTag, if you spot a koala, just snap a photo & answer the questions. You don’t even need to be in range at the time. If you don’t see any, that’s valuable info too. You don’t need a SmartPhone to take part - you can report manually on the website too.

Dr Kellie Leigh will be discussing her research looking at koala diversity throughout the Mountains (www.scienceforwildlife.org) She’s examining how koalas use the range of trees and how to manage & protect their population. She also uses wildlife detection dogs to survey elusive threatened species such as koalas. Kids will love watching Badger, her quoll detection dog demonstrate his amazing skill at finding quoll scats hidden in the park next door.

Find out much more about how to spot koalas and your opportunity to become a Citizen Scientist contributing to valuable research.

Grab the family, head off to the bush & go out for the count!