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Double trouble at Featherdale

Double trouble at Featherdale

25th September, 2014

The arrival of twin Tammar Wallaby joeys are proving a hit with visitors these school holidays at Featherdale Wildlife Park in Doonside, Western Sydney.  What makes the rare birth even more unusual is that one of the twins is an albino whilst the second joey matches its mother’s natural brown colouring.

Featherdale’s General Curator, Chad Staples said “For a Wallaby to give birth to twins is rare enough but the fact that one of the joeys is an albino, really is a one in a million occurrence. I’ve been at Featherdale for 18 years and have never seen this happen here.” 

With the arrival of warm weather, the six month old joeys are beginning to pop their heads out from their mother’s pouch to explore their surroundings.  “It’s great to see the reaction from visitors when they first see the two joeys heads poking out of the pouch.  They often do a double take.  It’s such an amazing sight to see”, Mr Staples said.

It is extremely rare to see an albino animal out of captivity.  Albinism occurs when the there is a lack of melanin, which is responsible for colouring eyes, fur and skin.  Without this, albino animals lack their natural camouflage, making them a natural target for predators.  They can also suffer the effects of the sun, which is why the enclosures at Featherdale feature many shady areas.

In addition to the twin joey arrivals, visitors to Featherdale will be able to meet an abundance of baby animals including Koala Joeys just emerging from the pouch, Emu chicks, Dingo pups and Kangaroo joeys.