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No butts about it! - Featherdale becomes smoke-free

No butts about it! - Featherdale becomes smoke-free

20th August, 2014

Featherdale Wildlife Park will become a smoke-free destination from September 1st, 2014.  As part of the new policy, all tobacco products including cigarettes, pipes, cigars and e-cigarettes, will no longer be permitted within the park grounds. 

Smoking has already been discouraged in areas near animal enclosures, buildings and public eating areas however, in a move to promote a healthy, clean air environment, Featherdale will become smoke-free throughout the entire Park.

Featherdale Wildlife Park’s General Manager, Tim Sinclair Smith believes the move will receive a positive reaction from the majority of guests who visit Featherdale, "A tourist attraction like Featherdale, which is dedicated to the conservation of our native animals and their natural environment, should provide a quality experience that all visitors can enjoy. Promoting a smoke-free Wildlife Park will ensure that the thousands of visitors, particularly children, who visit Featherdale daily, can breathe fresh air in a safe and healthy environment”.

A designated smoking area will be provided outside the Park grounds for visitors who wish to smoke and re-entry will be permitted upon presentation of a valid ticket.