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Meet Tia the Alpine Dingo

Meet Tia the Alpine Dingo

26th June, 2014

Meet Tia, the Alpine Dingo as she receives her very first Ultrasound to determine if she is an expectant mum.  This is the second episode in Featherdale's Animals of Featherdale, YouTube weekly series.

These days, it is unusual to see Dingoes in the wild. Cross-breeding with the domestic dog and the hunting of Dingoes by farmers protecting their livestock, has dwindled Dingo numbers drastically.  Zoos and Wildlife Parks are now one of the few places left in Australia where people are able to see a pure-bred Dingo.

Once born, Featherdale’s Dingo pups will remain at the Park for several months and visitors will be able to get right up close and meet them.  Once old enough to leave the protection of mum and dad, the pups will be relocated to other wildlife parks throughout the country as part of a managed captive breeding programme.

We hope you enjoy meeting Tia!