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Katy Perry gets a visit from Featherdale

Katy Perry gets a visit from Featherdale

It was an early start to the morning for Featherdale's keepers an animals who made the trip into Sydney to visit Katy Perry during her appearance on 7's Sunrise.  

Bumble the Wombat, Cleo the Koala, Cuddles the python and Jack the 2 year old Saltwater Crocodile were all part of a quiz designed to test Katy's knowledge of Australia's diverse fauna.  Katy was more than capable, pausing at Bumble to say she had never seen a Wombat before and had always thought they were a fictional animal.

Cleo the Koala then joined Katy on the couch during her chat with Sam and Kochie before all the animals were invited to join in on Kochie's selfie in a bid to crash twitter and beat Ellen's famous Oscar celebrity selfie.

Katy went on to do the weather forecast where a very cheeky Cleo photobombed the live cross. 

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Cleo Photobomb Katy Perry