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With over 45 years’ experience caring for animals, Featherdale Wildlife Park proudly maintains the world’s largest collection of Australian fauna. Read here first-hand how our dedicated team is changing the landscape of animal conservation.

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We provide an unforgettable and educational hands-on encounter

Experience memorable interaction by getting up close and personal in our petting arena with unique birds, scaly reptiles, friendly wallabies and other furry marsupials in a controlled and naturally interactive environment; it’s a learning experience for you and a joyful experience for our precious animals who love interacting. Capture new and lasting memories by taking selfies of your personal encounter with an experienced zookeeper on hand for a totally immersive experience. A small group personal encounter can be booked in advance for groups of 2-6 people with your choice of either bird, mammal or reptile.


Meet our adorable koalas, important major contributors to the Koala Genome Program which Featherdale Wildlife Park have partnered up with The Australian Museum. In the last decade, koala reproduction has been in serious decline. Through our breakthrough conservation program, scientists have mapped the entire genome of over 20,000 specific koala genes and through this research have advanced our understanding of koala populations. Mapping the entire koala genome is a world-first and will directly contribute to the health and survival rate of future koalas worldwide.

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We’re working towards saving species from extinction 

Through these irrevocable and extraordinary Endangered Species Programs, Featherdale has demonstrated outstanding and formidable expertise in breeding management and their commitment and dedication to conserving Australia’s unique biodiversity


Plains Wanderer Stewardship Program

Working tirelessly with the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) and ‘Save Our Species’ on the Plains Wanderer Stewardship Program this dedicated group are working to save this truly special, ancient member of Australia's avifauna, from extinction which represents the 4th most taxonomic bird in the world. The bird’s origins trace back over 60 million years. Featherdale receives no Government funding and is amongst one of the privileged Australian zoos to undertake this unique and captive breeding program.


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The endangered Tiger Quoll Breeding Program

Featherdale is a vital contributor to the captive breeding of the endangered Tiger Quoll. This species is vulnerable to decline due to its special requirement of certain climates and habitats, living in low densities, has a short life span, is threatened by and competes with introduced and domestic predators and requires a large expanse in habitat to exist.

Tasmanian Devil Facial Tumor Disease Program

Indigenous and unique to Australia, sightings of wild Tasmanian Devils have remarkably decreased over the last 20 years by over 70%. With this vital mammal endangered, Featherdale have embarked on breeding and building a captive population of Tasmanian Devils free from the Facial Tumour Disease, which is detrimental to their survival. By educating and increasing awareness to the Tasmanian Devils threat, Featherdale hope to maintain and conserve this endangered species.

Featherdale is much more than just a wildlife park. Our duty of care extends far deeper than most people realise. We’re also very proud of our other integrated services; such as rescuing animals, helping build education and careers, and rehabilitating community through animal care and our Outreach Programs.

Native Animal Rescue Hospital

Featherdale works closely alongside NSW Emergency Services, State Emergency Services (SES), WIRES and local council to operate as a Native Animal Rescue Hospital, annually taking in thousands of sick, injured and orphaned animals from the community and surrounding parklands, at absolutely no cost to the community.

 By offering this much-needed service to the community and all its inhabitants, Featherdale reduces the strain on lead volunteer welfare organisations, who in some specific cases do not have the expertise or facility to care for the animals.

With the increased urbanisation of the Western Sydney region and local community, the loss of habitat for these native animals is increasing. Featherdale enables best practice care and duty maintaining these animals and gives them the best chance of survival if injured or sick.

We give back through education

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Curriculum-based Onsite Education Program

Last year, approximately 21,500 school students between kindergarten and Year 2 participated in Featherdale’s curriculum-based Onsite Education Program. Here, qualified zookeepers deliver a tailored, hands-on learning program focusing on Australian wildlife, educating and inspiring students. Participation in this experience-based program has been proven to increase levels of motivation and achievement.

Mobile Education Unit

For secondary students, Featherdale offers a syllabus-approved Mobile Education Unit at their school. This is a major opportunity for secondary students to engage with first hand, live animals, biological science and conservation. Through this component, mobile fauna displays are presented where the students have the opportunity to interact, learn and ask questions. This exposes the students to potential career paths in zoology and the broader scientific community, sparks their curiosity and shapes their attitudes about conservation and the environment, increases the connection with nature, for now and into the future. As a result of this Mobile Education Unit, Featherdale experiences a successful generation of work experience placements.

NSW TAFE Placements

Students undertaking the NSW TAFE Certificate III can participate in the Animal Care Placements Program at Featherdale. This course-mandatory program allows the students to complete the work experience component of their TAFE course. Featherdale currently places one-third of the students enrolled in the Certificate III Captive Animals course. Completion of this course has resulted in many TAFE students securing full-time long-term employment at Featherdale.

Training students at Featherdale works towards encouraging and fostering interest in native Australian fauna conservation, a greater awareness of our native fauna and provides clear linkage to workforce generation and career advancement in zoology and the greater scientific community.

Undergraduate Programs

For the past decade, Featherdale and the University of Western Sydney have fostered a successful relationship collaborating with students who are undertaking Animal Science Nutritional Studies. Final year students are able to base their research on utilizing on-site observation and the close study of Australian fauna. In the past this essential research has contributed towards the ongoing health of Australian native animals and encouraged graduates to specialise in native Australian fauna conservation.

Featherdale brings the animals to you

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Community Outreach Program

The long-term positive mental health benefits of animal interaction have long proven to boost morale, aid depression, confidence and speed the healing process for participants. Our community outreach program has made a considerable impact on members of the Western Sydney community.

Through our popular Outreach Programs, we focus on visiting aged care facilities, disadvantaged schools and other community groups presenting a friendly, interactive experience, giving people confidence and a fresh sense of accomplishment.

To find out more about our initiatives or to get involved, please email info@featherdale.com.au