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Unleash boundless adventures with an Explorer Annual pass - OUR ULTIMATE EXPLORER LETS YOU DISCOVER OVER 3,000 ANIMALS ACROSS 3 PARKS.

Unleash boundless adventures with the Ultimate Explorer Annual Pass. Discover over 3000 animals in 3 parks across New South Wales - from meerkats in the Hunter Valley, the gorillas at Mogo and the quokkas at Featherdale Sydney Wildlife Park and so much more!

As an Ultimate Explorer, you can pat fluffy koalas, hand-feed giraffes, kangaroos, camels, ostriches and lorikeets for a whole year - and all in New South Wales! Delve deep into the wonders of the animal kingdom with your new Ultimate Explorer Annual Pass - unlimited visits to our 3 extraordinary wildlife parks across New South Wales, enjoy 20% off all purchases in our parks, over $330 in sign-up bonuses and more!

Your Ultimate Explorer membership unlocks incredible discounts and includes a free personal animal encounter or a chance to be a zookeeper for a day. You can sign up as a primary member for $130 and sign-up for additional members for only $60 each. Additional members can be any combination of up to 8 adults or children – family or friends, grandparents and grandkids and cousin visits – even playgroups!

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Super Explorer

$110 for primary member

*$50 for additional members

Go for the Super Pass at Featherdale because it's like a wildlife adventure buffet! You get to pick two parks from Featherdale, Mogo, or Hunter Valley.

It's your ticket to a customized, super-fun wildlife experience. Whether you love Aussie animals, unique animals in Mogo, or the wild side of the vines in Hunter Valley, the choice is yours!

PLUS as a Super Explorer, you’ll get access to our great local perks, deals and bonuses at your favourite local businesses too!

*Up to 8 additional people per membership.

Ultimate Explorer

$130 for primary member

*$60 for additional members

You are a true animal lover, and you love to travel.

Get ready for awesome perks with the Ultimate Explorer membership - and visit all 3 Australian Wildlife Parks locations -Featherdale Sydney, Mogo and Hunter Valley Wildlife Park. For just $130, you become the main member, and each extra member is just $60.

Grab your family, friends, grandparents, cousins, and even playgroup pals – up to 8 of them! Plus, you score discounts and a cool chance to meet animals or be a zookeeper for a day. It's the ultimate fun deal for everyone! Join the adventure and let the good times begin with the Ultimate Explorer membership.

*Up to 8 additional people per membership.

Classic Explorer

$90 for primary member

*$40 for additional members

The Classic Explorer Pass allows you to have a ‘home base’ wildlife park – your choice of Featherdale Sydney Wildlife Park, Mogo Wildlife Park or Hunter Valley Wildlife Park.

The Classic Explorer Pass offers unlimited visits to that park for 12 months. 12 months to explore your favourite park, 365 days a year. To thank you for your support, we’ll offer you 10% off park purchases and other great benefits.

*Up to 8 additional people per membership.



As a part of our Explorer Annual Pass membership, we extend a special invitation to our valued members to attend exclusive events held at Featherdale Sydney Wildlife Park, Mogo Wildlife Park, and Hunter Valley Wildlife Park throughout the year.

We are proud to have already welcomed Kaius, our adorable Baby Western Lowlands Gorilla to his new home, and our Explorer Pass members were the first to welcome him to his new home!

Sign up to be a Explorer Annual Pass Member - support our parks and you'll be the first to receive invites to our exclusive member events throughout the year.

During Opening Hours, February 1, 2024

Feb Family Weekends

Make lasting memories with your family by visiting Featherdale Sydney Wildlife Park, and take advantage of our online-only offer that will save you up to 30% on all family tickets purchased in February.


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Super Explorer

Unlimited entry for 12 months to 2 Wildlife Parks

15% off all in-park purchases

Free Giraffe Feeds


Ultimate Explorer

Unlimited entry to 3 Wildlife Parks

20% off in-park purchases

Over $330 in member bonuses including a private animal encounter


Classic Explorer

Unlimited entry for 12 months to Featherdale Sydney Wildlife Park

10% off all in park purchases


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