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Spotted Tailed Quoll Baby

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Featherdale Wildlife Park is a privately owned zoo that receives no Government Funding to assist with the care of over 2,200 Australian native animals.

Our native Aussies face with new challenges to their survival each day. The threat of Habitat loss, introduced species, disease and the impacts of climate change are increasing pressure on our unique native wildlife.

Featherdale Wildlife Park cares for more than 280 species of animals. Over 30 these species such as the Greater Bilby are listed as endangered which, highlights the importance of zoos and wildlife parks like Featherdale to implement breeding programs, conduct research and educate the public on the threats facing the survival of our native species.

As Featherdale Wildlife Park is privately owned, we rely on your generosity to help our dedicated keepers continue to provide care for our wildlife.


Leaving a gift however small in your Will, can go a long way towards the care and conservation of Australia’s native aussies. 

Bequeathing a gift to Featherdale Wildlife Park will ensure that we continue to provide our animals with the highest quality of care and offer our visitors a quality experience that becomes a memory they will cherish.

Please contact info@featherdale.com.au for further information on legacy gifts or making a gift in memorianum.

Your donation assists our keepers to:

  • Care for over 280 different species of Australian native animals

  • Implement Captive Breeding Programs for endangered species

  • Support vital research

  • Foster community awareness and raise support

Your donation is tax deductible and will contribute to providing the very best care to all our animals.

Please contact info@featherdale.com.au for further information.

Willow the Koala