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Australia Day at Featherdale


With over 45 years’ experience caring for animals, Featherdale Wildlife Park proudly maintains the world’s largest collection of Australian fauna, and New South Wales’ most extensive collection of koalas.

Featherdale Wildlife Park is fortunate to house each sub-species of Australian Koala, and our team of koala keepers meticulously map the species of eucalyptus required for each koala’s diet. Now to ensure we have the right leaves for the right koala, we have developed relationships with a number of properties in New South Wales to host eucalyptus plantations that Featherdale can use to better manage the eucalyptus species available to all our koalas. 

As one of the first of its kind in Australia, Featherdale is moving to create a completely self-sustaining food plantation for its koalas by planting the first 5000 eucalyptus trees at a property nearby Lithgow, which will enable a sustainable supply of eucalyptus leaves and provide one of the most varied and nutritious diets for captive koalas in Australia. This initial plantation is to be followed by multiple sites across NSW in the future. 

Donations to the Koala Plantation Fund such as recent donations by Digital Photo Industries and Blacktown City Council are much appreciated as they help us to achieve our goal of a sustainable food source for our vital colony of koalas at Featherdale Wildlife Park.